Zeki Learning

Zeki Learning is our non-profit, Fair Trade certified educational brand. We provide fabric learning materials for children ages 0-6, handmade by talented women artisans in the West Bank. Our products support cognitive development and language learning in English, Spanish, and Arabic. Each sale helps us create jobs and empower women in the village of Zababdeh and beyond.

Hear From Our Artisans


As a mother to two young children, Ansam works to help support her family. Having a less stressful work environment is one of her favorite parts of working at Child's Cup Full.  Ansam’s favorite part of her job is using her hands and working on the embroidery of the toys!


"I find my true self while working at Child's Cup Full. This is my second home where I share my joy and sorrows. Working with Child's Cup Full provides money which is my only source of income. "


"Working with Child's Cup Full will help my family and it makes me stronger and independent."


Married with no children, Dina works hard to help her husband, her mother-in-law and her parents. With dreams of getting out of poverty, Dina works hard to achieve her goals! Working at Child's Cup Full has provided Dina with the tools to be self-sufficient.

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