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Leadership Team

The diverse group of people who serve on the board of Child’s Cup Full represent the global reach of our organization. Having been able to experience Palestine, each member sees the beauty, resilience, and potential that lies in the women of the West Bank. As a non-profit organization, we remain committed to uplifting and empowering these women.


While working to finish her master's degree, Janette Habashi connected with the first member of our board, Matthew Newmark, a member of the British Council living in Jerusalem. He advised Habashi about educational opportunities in his home country of England. Following this conversation, Habashi applied for a scholarship from the British Council and received admission to the University of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne.

In England, Habashi and Newmark connected with Derek Bowen, a Japanese to English translator with an interest in social justice causes worldwide. Through their friendship with Habashi, Matthew and Derek sought to learn more about the West Bank. Upon returning home with her Masters of Counseling in Education, Habashi invited Matthew and Derek to visit and connect with Omar Kabha, a Doctor in Clinical Psychology local to the West Bank. These connections made the development of Child’s Cup Full possible. 

After achieving her Doctorate in Educational Psychology and while working as a professor at the University of Oklahoma, Habashi collaborated with her graduate students to raise funds for an after-school program in the West Bank. This fundraiser, along with the connections and friendships Habashi had created, led to the establishment of Child's Cup Full as a means to continue to help low-income and refugee women in the West Bank.

Board Members

- Dr. Janette Habashi

- Dr.  Omar Kabha

- Matthew Newmark

- Derek Bowen

Junior Board

- Molly Jergenson 
- Thomas Tosetti 
- Kelly Rubey 
- Erin Wehe

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