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The interns we bring on board should possess a strong imaginative flair, adept critical thinking abilities, and exhibit self-discipline in their tasks. All work and guidance will be conducted in a remote manner. Therefore, applicants must be well-equipped with the technological skills to effectively navigate various communication platforms such as Whatsapp, Zoom, and more.

​The interns hired will need strong imagination, critical thinking skills, and be self-disciplined in their work assignments. All of the work and coaching will be conducted remotely; therefore, interns wanting to apply must have the technological capability to utilize multiple communication platforms, such as Skype, Whatsapp, Zoom etc. 

At this time we are only able to offer unpaid internships; however, academic credit may be available with approval from the student's academic program. We have worked successfully with multiple educational institutions and would be happy to include yours.

To inquire about an internship with Child's Cup Full, please send a cover letter via our contact form and we will be in touch!

Having collaborated with multiple institutions in the past, we are familiar with the process  and would be elated to include your educational institution.

Past Interns

Graphic Design

  • Lexah Hall

  • Nanase Niikura (Japanese Translator)

  • Lauren Axford


  • Kasey Wu

  • Maria Acosta


  • Tara Perkins

  • Aeryn Kaufman

  • Hayley Robins


  • Arunima Chhimwal

Toy Development: Coding

  • Pedro Durao

  • Susan Zou

  • David Eluma

  • Sonu Agarwal

Web Developers

  • Winston Lou

  • Allison Kelley

  • Jonathan  Clay

  • Leonardo Guagenti

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