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At the heart of Darzah beats a yearning for a brighter tomorrow. Our remarkable female artisans form the core of Darzah, working to financially empower themselves and their families. Darzah stands as a beacon of hope, a non-profit endeavour with purpose as deep as the roots of the traditional Palestinian Tatreez embroidery it honours.

Passed down on through generations from mother to daughter, Tatreez is truly Palestinian.

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Hear from our artisans


With little job opportunity for women in Palestine, Manar needed a way to help her father, who suffers from heart disease. With Darzah, Manar was able to turn her handcrafting hobby into a career! Now she works to support herself and the family she loves.



Shereen wants her husband to be able to have more time with her and their 3 children, but his 2 jobs make that very hard. Since starting work at Darzah, Shereen is hopeful her husband can go back to working one job. She loves being able to work close to home! 



"I love working in Darzah, it is enjoyable and I love producing toys for children. This income supports my family"                     


"I love the nature of the work we do, the respect we receive and that it is an income for my household."


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