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Our mission

Child's Cup Full is a 501(c)3 non-profit social enterprise based in Zababdeh village and managed in the US. Our mission aims to create lasting women economic growth in the West Bank by providing talented refugee and low-income women artisans training and job opportunities. CCF has established two global brands consisting of handmade products in two brands.

Zeki Learning: educational learning materials and Darzah: ethical fashion that showcase the immense talent that exists in Palestine especially among household women, marginalized and vulnerable groups who are mainly focused on producing educational children’s toys from Palestinian embroidered shoes and accessories.


CCF was created on the principle that when you invest in a woman, you invest in the larger community – a clear means of effectively reducing poverty in the West Bank. On a global scale, it has been proven that increased representation of women in the labor force results in faster economic growth. Therefore, the targeted groups for our training and employment programs of talented household economic growth is among the Palestinian refugee, welfare-seeking, and low-income women artisans in the West Bank.

About us

Child's Cup Full was founded by Dr. Janette Habashi in 2008 as a student-led initiative at the University of Oklahoma and with the support of the Creation for the Creation of Economic Wealth in Tulsa, OK. Dr. Habashi, Professor in Human Relations at the University of Oklahoma, started CCF with her students as a small fundraising initiative to support grassroots education programs for refugee children in the West Bank.


The focus of CCF is to empower women through work and economic development. Being the focal point of economic development, entrepreneurship can be substantiated by ensuring participation of women. With this in mind, CCF seeks to provide a continual stream of funding to the household that will enable the poor mainly the women, nucleus of family, to lift themselves out of poverty not only in the short term by a one-time charitable grant, but will make a long-term impact in their lives for the future.

Support our project

You can support our mission by purchasing one of our quality, handcrafted products or donating directly to the cause. 


Our fair trade brands

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Darzah is a non-profit, ethical fashion brand specializing in Palestinian "tatreez" embroidery, a centuries-old art form, traditionally passed down from mother to daughter. Each of our pieces is hand-embroidered and 100% handcrafted in the West Bank. Our mission is twofold: 1) to create economic opportunities for refugee and low-income women artisans, and 2) to celebrate tatreez embroidery and Palestinian cultural heritage.

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Zeki Learning

Zeki Learning is a non-profit, fair trade educational brand specializing in handmade, fabric learning materials for children ages 0-6. Our products are designed to support cognitive development and language learning in English, Spanish and Arabic. Each purchase helps us create more jobs for talented refugee and low-income women artisans in the West Bank.


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